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A 'Duh' Moment...or Two (Open to Connor, Jess, and anyone else about)
Picture perfect
So maybe McGinty's wasn't the BEST place to try writing a paper. Especially not a paper due in by noon the next day. But for Morgan, it was her only option. Oh sure. She could have stayed home and done it -- had the house to herself while her Da, Murphy, and Liam went out. But seeing as her computer had lost her paper once already, being at home was not going to be very productive. For it would most likely end with Morgan spewing obscenities at the machine before purposefully ignoring it in order to "teach it a lesson".

So while the bar might be a distraction, it was also filled with people who could ask about her progress -- even if it was inbetween cigarettes and fetching them drinks.

Dropping by McGintys (Open to Pub Folks. ;) )
Every Southie knew the name McGinty's. Sure, not every Southie went there, but if you lived in South Boston, you knew the pub. You knew the little hole in the wall it was nestled into and you knew the kinds of things that went on there.

If you were a cop, you knew a bit more. It's where the whole Saints mess had started and boy, did people of the badged sort know it. Of course, Jess didn't know too much, given that she'd been given the most menial of duties since this whole copycat thing had started. The 'Special Agent' was making her life especially hard now.

Knowing that she might be able to find Duffy or Dolly here, since it seemed to be their pub of choice, Jess reached up and pushed her hair back, plucking the rubberband from her teeth as she twisted the unruly length into a ponytail. It wasn't terribly late, though it felt it; the sun had gone down hours ago, winter's little gift to Boston's crime rate. She moved quickly across the slushy road, shouldering the pub door open.

Blood and Ice
With my flaming sword
Cut for length...Collapse )

If any of the cops want to attach the investigation of the scene to this thread, go for it. Other than that, I'm fine with it just being used for reference.

The List
Pretty pretties
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Boondock Saints, The
Special Agent Eunice Bloom - tits_and_abadge
Gavin Byrne - skin_artist
Detective Jessica Frank - beantownbeat
Connor MacManus - obviously_older
Liam MacManus - saintly_legacy
Morgan MacManus - angel_not_saint
Special Agent Paul Smecker - ssssssymbolism
Diamante Yakavetta - yakavetta_gem

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Faith Lehane - faiththatfuelsu


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