Morgan (angel_not_saint) wrote in beantown_baby,

A 'Duh' Moment...or Two (Open to Connor, Jess, and anyone else about)

So maybe McGinty's wasn't the BEST place to try writing a paper. Especially not a paper due in by noon the next day. But for Morgan, it was her only option. Oh sure. She could have stayed home and done it -- had the house to herself while her Da, Murphy, and Liam went out. But seeing as her computer had lost her paper once already, being at home was not going to be very productive. For it would most likely end with Morgan spewing obscenities at the machine before purposefully ignoring it in order to "teach it a lesson".

So while the bar might be a distraction, it was also filled with people who could ask about her progress -- even if it was inbetween cigarettes and fetching them drinks.
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